Friday, July 22, 2011

Who is going to replace Judy Levine on Hamilton County Council?

It is a crowded field trying to replace Judy Levine.  It appears that there will be seven people vying for that position.  As the caucus nears, who are the favorites?  Greg Puls has the inside track as he has worked over the last few years to position himself as the leader of the pack.  Initially, he ran as a Libertarian against Judy Levine but suffered a large defeat.  After that loss, he has worked within the Republican Party especially in Fishers to get her seat after she resigned.  Amy Massillamany is vying to be the lead challenger to Puls.  Full disclosure, she is my wife.  After years of working behind the scenes in organizing events for the Republican Party and supporting the party, Amy is coming from behind the scenes to become a serious challenger.  Five other challengers have come for the seat though they have not had much involvement with the Republican Party over the last few years.  They are hoping that their professional experience will carry the day.  Good luck everyone.  It will be a tough seven days as the competition heats up.  Who is your favorite?

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